Поставки специализированного и лабораторного оборудования для контроля качества

Wolf Innovation

Wolf Innovation Pty, Ltd (Канада)

Revolutionising Process Control in the Coil Coating Industry

Wolf Innovation has developed a unique leading edge system for measuring, monitoring, and controlling coating thickness at every stage of the coil coating process.  Our Coating Control System, CCS measures wet paint thickness at the coater, determines paint volume solids, and dynamically monitors dry film thickness from the start to the end of every coil.  CCS brings together high tech, non contact sensors, electrical, mechanical, thermal, and process engineering to deliver dynamic precision coating quality control.  CCS will also contribute significantly to improvements in environmental efficiency.”

Meeting Specification Without Waste

With improved certainty over the amount of paint being applied during production you will confidently meet coating specifications and eliminate costly waste without sacrificing achievement of rigorous performance standards.

Wolf Innovations - Delivering value and excellence to manufacturing industries through development and application of leading edge technology

Our core expertise is in the coatings industry, specializing in coil coating, industrial finishing, metallic coating, and materials processing. We develop and deliver cost effective technology that improves your product quality, eliminates claims, and saves you money. Wolf Innovation is a new organisation with over 60 years of combined experience in industrial coil coating, metallic coating, steel production, and product and process development. Additionally, we are available to help you solve your technology and innovation ambitions.

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